This is the home page for the UKOCL feed of asteroid occultation predictions for the United Kingdom. Covering all of the UK, excluding the northern islands, and most of Ireland.

Created for and accessible with Hristo Pavlov's Occult Watcher. Predictions calculated within Dave Herald's Occult 4.

Area Covered

The area covered by the feed is shown in the map and is based upon a 500km radius centred on 54.3N 3.8W. Many of the predictions will also pass over mainland Europe and/or Scandinavia.


The prediction feed uses the Lowell Observatory's ASTORB asteroid orbital elements and the USNO's UCAC4 star catalogue.

Asteroid size>= 5km
Star Magnitude<= 10.5
Duration>= 0.5s
Magnitude Drop>= 0.3

Further Information

Available from the UK Occultations Yahoo group.